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Second shift works to be starting soon, Daimler Trucks pumps in Rs 2277 crore in India

The world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, Daimler Trucks are about to pump in an extra 2277 crore Indian Rupees into the market. This is because the market is expected to grow 30-50% in the upcoming year.

The year 2020 reduced the phase of the growth of the Bharath Benz makers. Even in the hard times there is always a growth in the market for Bharat Benz trucks and this is an encouragement to the company to start working on its growth, said Satyakam Arya, MD of Daimler India Commercial Vehicle.

He also said that “There is a solid order pipeline for our trucks and hence we are adding the second shift. There is a decent traction from the mining segment, construction space, e-commerce and rural segment. The government has started executing fresh contracts, which is triggering demand for new trucks. We are witnessing industrial activity picking up. Having said that this recovery is on a low base.”

The company is trying to create new revenue measures and are working overtime to tackle the crisis, says Arya

The company recently started a new service named as Daimler India Shared Services, its main aim is to help any global subsidiary to set up a greenfield facility, manufacturing, engineering, etc. with a strong base from India. The company also started the used truck division, Bharat Benz Exchange. The prime goal of all these latest initiatives is to add a new revenue stream for the company.

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