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Shortage of Catholic priests in Ireland…

Dublin: The shortage of Catholic priests in Ireland, which was once the cradle of the world Catholic Church, is causing a great crisis for the Church. Only 20 people are studying to become priests in Ireland’s 26 dioceses. This is the figure from the National Seminary in Maynooth. Rector Fr. Thomas Surlis revealed these figures at the Vocations Conference.

The conference is attended by over 100 delegates, including bishops, priests, vocation directors, and seminarians. The seminary in Maynooth was founded in 1795. There were about 500 priests at the time. However, the number has been steadily declining since 1970.

Rector Fr. Tomas Surlis described these 20 seminarians as “good people”. They are doing everything possible to help the country. It is expected that more young people in the country will respond to God’s call. The bishop stated that becoming a priest should not be feared.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, chairman of the Council for Vocations and conference organiser, stated that Ireland needed more priests.

It was felt in the conference that the church needs to understand the growing digital culture and be able to utilise all its potential and positive aspects.

The actions of the church workers backfired.

Archbishop Eamon Martin said there was no doubt that the terrible sins and crimes of people in the church had turned people away from the priesthood.

Even within families, it is difficult to discuss the church and the priesthood. However, he stated that there are still good priests who are loved and respected in Ireland. John Joe Duffy and the family of the murdered Sean Rooney in Lebanon. Fr. Derek Ryan was also mentioned.

New Apostolic Nuncio.

Argentinian Archbishop Luis Mariano Montemayor has taken over as the new Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland. One of the issues awaiting him from Colombia is the decline in vocations. He takes over for Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo, who was named Nuncio to the Czech Republic.

God’s call is still there.

Donal McKeown, Bishop of Derry, acknowledged that God calls people to follow him despite modern-day distractions. None of that has any value today. McCune claims that today’s youth prefer watered-down versions.

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