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Sinn Féin says the government’s housing schemes are a ‘global fraud’

Dublin: Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald says all the government’s housing schemes are ‘global fraud’. All the projects are like bursting bubbles. Many projects have stated that 100,000 houses will be built this year. However, Mary Lou MacDonald claimed that only eight houses had been completed so far.

“There is nothing going on in the housing sector except empty declarations. The Affordable Housing Fund scheme announced that 6,200 houses would be ready for rent or purchase in three years. A total of 310 million euros was set aside to provide housing on local authority land last year, but not a single house was delivered.

This is a blow to the face of every person who dreams of owning a house. The Prime Minister should clarify whether he agrees that this project is a complete failure. They demanded an explanation as to why the housing scheme was limited to eight houses.

Repeated failures

Mary McDonald accused Fianna Fail and Fine Gael of simply recycling failed housing schemes. The Dublin TD claimed that Housing for All was being planned to benefit large developers, landlords, and vested interest investors.

You will be ahead in terms of figures, numbers, and objectives. But there will be no result. “This is the reality. A good percentage of people are struggling to pay rent of up to 2,000 euros a month. I don’t know how someone paying that much rent can make a deposit to buy a house.”

The Prime Minister’s reasons

The COVID crisis and continuous lockdowns have affected the construction industry very negatively. According to the Prime Minister, such incidents have also harmed the government’s housing projects. The Prime Minister revealed that the government is not at a level where it can be completed. The Prime Minister stated that the first affordable homes will be built in Cork this year and that the scheme will be expanded in collaboration with local authorities.

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