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Skoda Enyaq is all set to conquer Ireland from next April

Skoda is all set to release their new SUV, which will be hitting the market next Spring. The new Enyaq SUV, is planned to take on its other competitors with attractive price range and other features.

The prime concern of people while buying an electric car is its pricing and the next one is the driving concern. Skoda has concentrated on both and they have made it appealing to the SUV drivers.  

The new model named as Enyaq will reach Ireland by next April. The name, like much of Skoda’s nomenclature, is said to be derived from a minority language – in this case Irish – and comes from Enya, meaning source of life but may be more of a commercial play on the singer’s name.

The price of the SUV is not yet announced, but it is expected that the Government and the SEAI grants will pull down the variant level version’s cost less than 40,000. Considering the price the new model is not that cheap, but compared to other electric SUVs this one is ‘Pocket Friendly.’

The latest model will be available in three different power version and also the customer can choose whether they need a four wheel drive version or not, because both options are available for the Enyaq. The entry level is the 50, which has a 55 kWh electric motor (mounted at the rear) which, Skoda says, will deliver a range of 340 kilometers. The 60 version (62 kWh) should deliver 390 kilometers and the top of the range 80 (yes, you have it) has an ambitious Skoda target of 500 kilometers and should go from 0 to 100 KPH in about 6.2 seconds – electric cars have much faster acceleration times than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

The basic model that’s the 50, comes up with 18 inch wheels, active cruise control, a 10″ infotainment screen and LED headlights. The 60 version has the 13″ screen (a feature no doubt inspired by Volvo’s one which dominates the cabin) and 19″ wheels and rear parking sensors.

The top of the range 80 will have certain classy outfits and features such as organically tanned leather – a bit like Birkenstock sandals and other elegant features.

It has a 585 litters big boot, which was expected from Skoda. The rear mount battery doesn’t consume any bit of rear boot space also.

The charging mechanism of the car is also really advanced and charging can be done with a home wall box (11KW) in between six and eight hours. It only took 40 minutes for a DC fast charger to charge the car to 80% from just 10%.

As the world is running fast to find measures to reduce the carbon footprints, these kinds of Electric wagons have the future. By improving the features and reducing the cost, Electric cars and SUVs could attract a lot of costumers to it.  

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