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Smell of cannabis herb from car; Gardaí seized €140,000 worth of cannabis and arrested two men

Gardaí have seized €140,000 worth of cannabis in Dublin and arrested two men regarding the case. 

It was on November 28, Gardai stopped a vehicle in Clondalkin, west Dublin, the officials were able to get the smell of cannabis from it.

It was due to this they carried out a search on the discovered vehicle and were able to find €100,000 worth of cannabis herb.

Later a search was carried out at a home in Ballyfermot, where the Gardaí found €40,000 worth of cannabis and a small amount of suspected cocaine.

Following these cannabis and drug discoveries, the Gardaí arrested two men. Both of there were in there 20’s.

Garda has said that the investigations are going on.

‘Gardaí have seized €140,000 worth of cannabis in Clondalkin and arrested two men in relation to the seizure,’ a Garda spokesperson said.

He said that shortly after 5pm Saturday, November 28 2020, Gardaí stopped a vehicle in the Clondalkin area and detected a smell of cannabis from the vehicle. Later €100,000 of suspected cannabis herb was found from the vehicle.

‘A follow up search resulted of a premises in the Ballyfermot area resulted in the seizure of a further €40,000 cannabis and a small quantity of suspected cocaine.’  He said.

‘Two men, both in their 20s were arrested as a result. They are currently being detained under the provisions of Section 2 of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996 at Clondalkin Garda station.’ He added.

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