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Stay Calm, Covid Vaccine will reach Europe once its approved

Don’t be afraid of Covid anymore, once the vaccine is approved, the European Union will order 300 million doses of the drug. An agreement has been reached with the drug manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and biotech company BioNTech are confident with their experiments to find the Covid vaccine. They say the Covid vaccine, which they find in mid – October or early November, will be ready for approval.

The agreement between the two parties is that if the vaccine is successfully released, the European Union will provide 200 million doses of BNT162 and in addition to this there will be provision to buy extra 100 million doses.

Distribution will begin by the end of the year once the vaccine has received regulatory approval.

Doses for Europe will be manufactured at Biotech’s German manufacturing sites and Pfizer’s production site in Belgium.

With the approval of the BNT162b2 vaccine, the European Commission will take the lead in making the necessary arrangements for the distribution of doses in all 27 EU countries.

Albert Borla, Pfizer’s CEO and Chairman, said that the Covid vaccine project is expected to enter into an agreement with the European Commission on the availability of the vaccine, and millions of vaccines will be made available by the end of the year once approved.

He added that they are moving forward with firm steps towards the goal and hope to achieve soon.

As a company situated in the heart of Europe, it has already held exploration talks with the European Commission.

Ugur Saahin, CEO and co-founder of Biotech, says this will be our largest first order to date and will be fulfilled responsibly.

“Our goal is to develop a safe and effective vaccine to save the world from the grip of an epidemic,” he said.

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