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Strike Averted: Pay Hike Secured, Potential HSE Rates for Community Sector Workers

Dublin: A potential strike by health workers in the community and voluntary sector, operating under the Department of Health, has been averted. The strike was called off following extensive negotiations that extended until 3 a.m. today, held at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

The government’s revised offer includes an 8% salary increase, a notable improvement from the initial 5% pay raise proposal, which had been rejected by the unions. Additionally, the government has initiated a study to assess the reinstatement of equal pay for community and voluntary sector workers, aligning their pay grades with those in the Health Service Executive. Measures are being taken to implement these changes.

The strike, which was slated to involve 5,000 workers across 18 charitable and organizational entities, such as the Irish Wheelchair Association and Enable Ireland, will not proceed at this time, as confirmed by the staff.

To determine whether the government’s new proposals should be accepted, the unions have chosen to engage in member consultations and ballots. Strikes will not be considered until the results of these consultations are known.

Liam Berney, an industrial officer at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, stated that following eight hours of intense negotiations, the workers have received proposals and commitments from the WRC. The unions intend to continue consulting with their members over the next two weeks to make an informed decision.

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