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Study to examine Scotland-Northern Ireland ‘fixed link’

The new transport review launched today by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is analyzing the “fixed link” between Britain and Northern Ireland.

The air links within the UK, road and rail links in Scotland and the Welsh rail network will also be taken under consideration.

Peter Hendy, chair of state-owned rail track owner Network Rail will conduct the review, and the findings will be reported in summer 2021.

The report aims to explore the cost, practicality and the demand for a new fixed link between Great and Northern Ireland.

Mr Johnson has expressed his desire for a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Last December, the then Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he would not dismiss the idea of building a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland, but insisted the UK must pay for it.

“The United Kingdom is the greatest political partnership the world has ever seen, and we need transport links between our nations that are as strong as our historic bonds,” The British Prime Minister noted.

He pointed out that the review will be instrumental in ensuring that the communities have right connections to support them.

Today’s announcement follows a recent pledge by the UK government to bring forward funding to accelerate infrastructure projects in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Politicians from Scotland and Northern Ireland are of the view that the billions of pounds spent on the fixed link across the Irish Sea could be better spent on vital infrastructure projects.

They have expressed  their opinion to the British Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, last March .

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