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Taxi driver complaints are on the rise in Ireland

Dublin: Complaints about taxi drivers are on the rise in Ireland. NTA figures show that there are more complaints than ever before against taxi drivers in the country.

When the country lacks taxi drivers, there is a flood of complaints about their bad behaviour. Hundreds of complaints have been filed against taxi drivers for cashless payment, misbehaviour, and overcharging.

The majority of the complaints are about accepting cashless payments. This issue alone received 1,625 complaints last year. The NTA had made the decision to accept cashless payments. With this, the figures show that such complaints have tripled compared to 2021. It is also noted that this is 17% higher than the previous year’s record (1383). The introduction of cashless payment terminals in September 2022 is the cause of the increase in complaints. NTA officials clarify.

Half of the complaints received last year were related to overcharging. There were 793 cases like this. Thirty percent of the complaints were about mistreatment. The NTA said that 481 people filed complaints against the drivers. In 40 percent of the complaints, the driver had to face prosecution with a fine or a warning.

Meanwhile, complaints about taxis and road conditions have dropped to 42 percent from 50 percent last year.

Penalties… Inspections

Last year, over 204,000 taxis, small public service vehicles, and drivers were inspected. Six hundred and fifty drivers were fined on the spot. Most (21%) were caught for failing to inform the NTA of the vehicle details. The complaint also stated that the driver failed to pick up the passenger and failed to provide the taxi receipt.

The NTA announced that it has filed charges against 146 taxi drivers for operating unlicensed vehicles. According to statistics, the number of taxi drivers in Ireland has decreased by 7% since the start of COVID. There are now 25,393 drivers in the country. In addition, there are 1,835 fewer taxis and small public service vehicles now than in March 2020.

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