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Tens of Thousands to Rally in Dublin Tomorrow Demanding Action on “Cost of Living”

Dublin: A Mass Rally in Dublin Demands Action on Soaring Living Costs

In a powerful demonstration of public sentiment, tens of thousands are set to converge in Dublin tomorrow, uniting under the banner of the Cost of Living Coalition. This assembly of concerned citizens has issued a fervent call to action ahead of the upcoming budget.

The Cost of Living Coalition has articulated clear demands, centred on increased investments in affordable housing and bolstered allocations for social welfare. Among the rally participants are college students, including representatives from the UCD Student Union.

The Coalition’s message underscores the incongruity of individuals living in poverty while the government reports a surplus of €10 billion. They insist that the forthcoming budget, scheduled for October 10, must urgently address issues such as fuel poverty, energy poverty, the challenges posed by rapid population growth, and the distressing reliance of parents on food banks to feed their children.

A spokesperson for the coalition stressed, “We advocate for significant enhancements in social welfare provisions and wage adjustments that at least keep pace with the rate of inflation.”

The event’s festivities are set to commence at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 7th, in Parnell Square, Dublin, promising to be a resounding call for change in response to the mounting pressures of the cost of living.

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