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Tesla Model S and Model X SUV cars have been widely criticised for being unreliable

DUBLIN: An independent American Consumer Magazine criticises some of Tesla’s model cars for being unreliable. Tesla’s Model S and Model X SUV have been targeted by the American Magazine, which publishes annual reliability reports. The magazine reports that their ratings are worse than average.

The company’s newly introduced Model Y crossover has body-hardware and paint issues, according to the magazine’s latest reliability study. The Model Y, which began production in January, used incorrectly misaligned body panels. Complaints have also been reported regarding paint. In one case, human hair has been stuck in the paint, according to Consumer Reports.

Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports, says Tesla’s rankings could rise slightly without the performance of the Model Y. Newer models often have reliability issues. But Tesla’s problems are unusual. “I am surprised that we would see just basic paint and trim type issues and body panel fitment issues,” Mr. Fisher said in an interview.

Out of the 26 brands rated in the US market, Tesla’s ranking dropped two places to 25. The only consolation is that Tesla is ahead of Ford Motor Co’s F.N Lincoln luxury brand. The Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV are worse than average. Mr. Fisher therefore clarified that the previously recommended status had been lost. Only the Model 3 sedan has an “average” rating and “recommended” status.

Based on data collected for more than 300,000 vehicles from model years 2000 to 2020, the poll will find out which new cars are causing problems for owners. Its scorecard will have an impact on consumers and industry executives. The Consumer Reports organisation has about six million members.

Brands like Mazda which has not had big changes in its lineups, gained in the polls. Mazda outperforms Toyota and Lexus brands. This is the first survey in which the Toyota brand has not topped the survey, Fisher said. Tesla cars are made in the United States and also in China.

American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launches investigation; Indication that vehicles may be recalled

Meanwhile, the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reportedly investigating 159,000 Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles. It is reported that this is a step before the vehicle is recalled.

The safety regulator had already conducted a preliminary assessment of touchscreen failures in June.

The investigation has now reached out to the 2012-2018 model year Tesla Model S and 2016-2018 Model X vehicles. The preliminary investigation covered 63,000 Tesla Model S cars. There are also complaints that it causes loss of charging capacity and affects security alerts. A total of 12,523 claims and complaints were reviewed. The NHTSA said it was 8% of the investigation.

Tesla said it has received 2,399 complaints and field reports, 7,777 warranty claims, and 4,746 non-warranty claims related to MCU replacements. There have been several complaints that Tesla has demanded that owners to pay to replace the unit once warranties expire.

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