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Thailand’s deadliest mass killing: Only survivor ‘Ammy’

Thailand: One three-year-old girl slept through the entire atrocity when a shooter massacred 24 children at a Thai nursery school. The infant was discovered awake and alive on Thursday as investigators investigated the atrocity in the Uthai Sawan building. According to her parents, Paweenuch Supolwong, called Ammy, appears to have no recall of the catastrophe. After the killer had departed, someone saw her moving in a corner and brought her out with her head covered by the blanket, so she didn’t see the remains of her classmates.

Ammy’s parents learned that all of the children at the daycare had been slain in the massacre, which claimed the lives of 36 individuals, including 24 children. Her mother, who worked in Bangkok, 260 miles south, wanted to see her on video before she thought she was still alive.

Panompai Srithong said she eventually received a video call “and was overwhelmed with great relief,” but she was also stunned. “I have sympathy for other families.” I’m relieved that my child survived. It’s a strange blend of regret and thankfulness.

Ammy is generally a light sleeper, but when the killer rushed in and began his homicidal spree on Thursday, she was deep asleep with the blanket covering her face, according to her parents.

Police have identified the attacker as Panya Kamrap, a 34-year-old ex-police officer. Ammy’s relatives said she was too young to comprehend the sorrow that had befallen her.

“All she wants to do is go to school every day,” her mother explained. “We have to keep reassuring her that the school is closed.” She is still too young to comprehend the notion of death. “However, her family had to inform her that her cherished best friend, two-year-old Techin, and her instructor had both died.”She asked her grandma, ‘Why don’t you pick up Techin from school?'” Panompai explained. On Sunday, the family’s wooden home was teeming with relatives and neighbors, sharing platters of fish, papaya salad, and reminiscences of the catastrophe. They fussed over Ammy, who was dressed in a flowery robe and had an amulet around her neck, alternating between bemusement and gap-toothed grins at all the unexpected attention.

Relatives showered each other with rice wine poured from a silver basin and wished each other luck. They wrapped white threads around Ammy’s little wrists for good luck, squeezing her cheeks and uttering blessings. Grieving families gathered at a Buddhist temple to pray and give sacrifices to the souls of their infants murdered in the rampage, a rare moment of joy in a community engulfed in sadness. They assembled at Rat Samakee temple, one of three temples where the victims’ remains would be sent on Tuesday for funeral rituals and cremation. Families prayed in front of miniature coffins while monks recited prayers. Later, as sacrifices to the souls of their deceased children, they put platters of food, toys, and milk outside the temple gates. “Today, all the family will organise a ritual to convey the spirits of the children back to the temple,” said Panida Prawana, a victim’s relative.

According to Buddhist custom, the grieving period will last three days before the funerals and cremation of the bodies. Few have escaped the close-knit community unscathed. Later on Sunday, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is set to attend an evening prayer at one of the temples. There may never be a clear motivation for Thailand’s bloodiest mass massacre, which occurred on Thursday when the culprit left the nursery school and killed his wife and son at home before killing himself.

Late Friday, King Maha Vajiralongkorn and Queen Suthida visited hospitals where seven individuals were injured in the incident. The king visited the victims’ families in an effort to raise morale, according to the monarch. “This awful thing has happened,” the king said to reporters in a rare public appearance. But for the time being, we must consider what we can do to improve matters to the best of our abilities.

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