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The Asian community in Ireland is eagerly awaiting the ‘Alaap Festival’

Dublin: Dublin’s leading music and entertainment group Alaap is preparing for the art of expatriates in Ireland with the concert of music and dance. The Asian community in Ireland is eagerly awaiting the ‘Alaap Festival’.

The Alaap Utsavam, which starts at 5.30 pm on March 23 at Dublin Firhouse Scientology Hall, this will be a grant celebration that Ireland won’t experience before.

‘This is a cultural festival, a rare cultural festival that integrates Indian music and dance forms, combined with the colour of the movie, the colourfulness, colour and colour of the Indian music.’ continues practice sessions are taking place said by the organizers.

It is a festival of local artists with Ireland’s own musical forms, along with three-generation expatriates. Similarly, entry to this program is totally free. The main sponsor of the Alap Festival is Dublin’s Ingredients Supermarket. When Confident Travels and Royal Caters are the Chief Sponsors of the Alaap Festival. Daily Delight will be joined as supporters for the upcoming Mela.

The organizers welcomed all to the Alaap Festival, which is celebrating as a grand festival in Dublin.

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