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The burning life in Ireland was marked by the CSO survey

Dublin: A government agency has confirmed that the entire Irish population is facing rising living costs.

According to a new survey conducted by the Central Statistics Office, 96% of consumers in the country are concerned about what will happen if things continue like this. CSO’s “Our Lives, Our Money” pulse survey reveals the burning realities of society. Based on the survey, a large portion of the population is reducing their spending on everything from electricity and heating to movies, travel, and food. The revelation that even families with children have cut back on food costs can be seen as evidence of how tough life is.

Life as CSO says…

The cost of living is a major concern for 56% of the population. 63% are in a much worse financial situation than they were a year ago. 19% say they struggle to make ends meet each month.

Based on the survey, 62% of people reduced their electricity and heating costs in the previous year, while 51% reduced their fuel costs.

Skipping movies and travel.

Even 54% of families with children have cut down on food. 53 percent have cut down on cultural and entertainment programmes like movies, theatre, and travel. 58% reduced their spending on clothing, hairdressing, and beauty.

41% stopped paying for media subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix, and newspapers. 24 percent also dropped club memberships, such as gyms and social clubs.

It will get even more worse…

According to the survey, 72 percent of respondents believe the country’s inflation rate is currently 9.2%, but it is actually 11%.

64% believe the situation will worsen over the next year. 80% of people say their disposable income has decreased in the last year.

A slight decrease in oil prices.
The news of a slight decrease in fuel prices in the country is encouraging. Price reductions have been reported in the private sector following the release of the CSO report.

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