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The duration of the “zero” stamp that parents can stay with in Ireland may be extended

Dublin: The Minister of Justice has hinted that the zero-stamp visa period, which allows immigrants to bring their parents or other close dependents to Ireland, may be extended.

It is a very suitable immigration permit for dependent parents to enter and leave the country and stay in Ireland without restrictions. In Ireland, residence permits are currently valid for one year. It can be renewed without complications if the owner continues to meet the criteria for which the permission was originally granted.

But efforts are being made to convert it into a visa with a validity of three to five years. The decision regarding this will be announced after the departmental review.

Stamp 0 renewals accounted for 0.31 percent of total renewals processed in the state in 2021. Hundreds of Indian-origin parents are benefiting from zero visas.

Who can get a zero stamp?

For retirees working abroad, a stamp-0 permit to continue is a popular option. Such persons consider the visa a “retirement visa.” They can get a zero visa if they can show that they have enough money to live in Ireland through a pension or other means. It is important to note that the holder of a stamp-0 permit is not permitted to work, establish, or run a business in Ireland. This is not permitted, and doing so is a violation of the permit’s terms and conditions, which may result in the permit being cancelled and/or barred from renewal. Police clearance certificates and proof of private medical insurance with full coverage at private hospitals are required.

Academics who visit an Irish university or college will receive a zero stamp as well.

A zero stamp can also be obtained by elderly parents or dependent relatives of Irish citizens or non-EU citizens, including Indians legally resident in Ireland. Must demonstrate an independent source of income and complete financial self-sufficiency. A zero stamp will be granted in some cases even if the sponsors in Ireland, including their children, can prove that they can fully support them. They are not, however, permitted to rely on state benefits or publicly funded services.

Revision soon

A review of visa stamps, including zero stamps, has been started. There may be more revelations regarding these soon.

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