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The Irish Ministry of Health advises youth to have online sex in order to guarantee their safety

Dublin: Ireland’s Department of Health with a request to avoid direct sexual intercourse to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Instead, HSE advises young people to have sex online.

HSE suggests a choice of online and phone sex to control Covid-19. With this in mind, HSE and the Irish Pharmacy Union have designed a new campaign called ‘Play It Safe’. The campaign aims to prevent sexual relations between people who are not living together.

To avoid further contact, the campaign recommends consideration of masturbation, phone sex and Internet sex. The number of Covid cases among young people has been increasing in recent times. Eighty per cent of the cases are under 45 years of age.

The pharmacy union says that having sex increases the risk of spreading the virus. Sexually transmitted infections are more likely to spread when you have sex with multiple partners. It also causes pregnancy and spreads to the child. The union said 53 such cases had been reported so far.

A total of 26,162 cases were confirmed in Ireland. The death toll rose to 1,763 yesterday. The source of 90 per cent of Covid cases have been identified, said the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn.

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