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The recovery of payments received during the pandemic in Ireland is controversial

Dublin: The recovery of payments received during the pandemic in Ireland is controversial. The government is reclaiming the benefits that were provided during the pandemic. Back taxes of up to €2,500 will be levied on the 300,000 private sector workers who received PUP and other pandemic payments.

If they are not willing to pay the amount, they may be recovered from their salary from January onwards. It has been revealed that approximately 2,80,000 people have yet to contact the Revenue in order to pay the tax. They also face an automatic tax credit reduction if they fail to pay tax. However, the majority of employees are unaware of this. The issue is that many employees are unfamiliar with Revenue’s ROS (Revenue Online Service) system.

Arguments have also been made that clawing back aid payments made during the pandemic is unfair. It is also stated that those who worked to save their family and country from COVID will be greatly distressed. Most employees’ salaries were reduced during the COVID period. Furthermore, the government failed to inform employees about issues such as repayment of this scheme. Moreover, this project was not implemented as per their demand.

During the pandemic, the government provided massive financial assistance to private sector employers. For two years, the PRSI was reduced from 11.05% to 0.5%. This affects those, including supermarket workers, who work to provide food facilities while everyone else works from home.

During the lockdown, beneficiaries of the PUPO TWSS schemes were given the option of repaying their income tax bill over the course of four years. However, in order to clear the charge, they must now file a tax return. Pay workers are also suffering as a result of this. Revenue officials said that those concerned about this re-tax payment should contact the Citizens Information Phone Service (0818 07 4000).

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