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The UN has urged Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine immediately

New York: The United Nations General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution requesting that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine.  The move is a strong message to withdraw troops on the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

141 members of the UN General Assembly, which includes 193 world countries, supported the resolution; seven countries supported Russia, while 32 countries did not comment.

While the General Assembly’s resolutions are not legally binding, according to UN sources, they represent the world’s opinion.

During the two-day debate, foreign ministers and diplomats from more than 75 countries addressed the assembly, with the majority urging support for a resolution that upholds Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

According to Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, Ukrainians “deserve not only our compassion, but also our support and solidarity.”

“The West is opposed to war.” They are concentrating their efforts on repairing schools, combating climate change, and promoting social justice. “That is what the times require.” Such wars, according to this UN representative, are a denial of social justice and will exacerbate the climate crisis.
So if Russia thinks, this war will end. This UN official went on to say.

A year for the invasion… nominally figures

The year-long conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in massive human casualties and economic devastation. The United Nations estimates that 8,000 people have died and 11,756 have been injured. However, the Ukrainian government estimates that between 35,699 and 41,158 civilians have lost their lives.

Ukraine claims that over a quarter-million people died in Mariupol alone. At the same time, the official figure is that 4,600 people died in Russia and territories under Russian control. 44 foreigners were also killed.

The World Bank report says that Ukraine’s economy will fall by 35 percent due to the war. Post-war reconstruction costs currently stand at $349 billion. Russia’s economy suffered as well. As the war continues, the number of casualties will rise. The war, which destroyed thousands of human lives and infrastructure, had a huge impact on the entire world. The war also resulted in the largest exodus from Europe since World War II. 80 lakh people left the country.

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