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The vast majority of nurses in Ireland are preparing to leave their jobs

Dublin: The INMO has warned that the overwhelming majority of nurses in Ireland are considering leaving their jobs because they are unable to cope with the workload and constant pressure in hospitals. Understaffing affects 85% of nurses and midwives. Concerns that this shortage could endanger patient safety leave two-thirds of nurses feeling frustrated and stressed.

According to INMO, 712 patients, including 25 children, are on trolleys in various hospitals across the country on an average day, with no access to a bed or treatment. According to the organisation’s survey, seven out of ten (70%) nurses and midwives in Ireland are actively considering leaving their jobs for a variety of reasons.

The INMO survey results were published on the opening day of its annual conference in Killarney. The conference is expected to discuss the workforce shortage and recruitment and retention issues in the healthcare sector in detail.

The nurses are ready to leave the field at any moment.

According to the survey, the main reason for this is the poor working environment and the stress it causes. The majority of nurses are attacked by patients and their relatives. The survey was conducted on 2,018 nurses and midwives from all over the country. The nursing job had a negative impact on 94% of the respondents’ lives.

At the same time, 84% said they were under mental stress. Working longer hours and extra shifts caused stress for 65% of nurses and midwives. 64% expressed grief over being assaulted.

A tired mind and failing health.

The INMO’s general secretary, Phil Ní Sheaghdha, has stated that the mental health of health workers will have a negative impact on the health service sector as a whole.

According to Karen McGowan, president of the union, the impact of hospital overcrowding and the COVID epidemic on nurses and midwives is enormous. They are prepared to quit their jobs at any time.

Nursing community with their utmost patience.

In the Dáil, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald raised the issues raised by INMO through the survey. The Sinn Fein leader said that the nurses in Ireland are working with the utmost patience and suffering. They are pleading for government assistance. Mary Lou McDonald said that the government’s unwillingness to listen to it has disappointed the entire nursing community.

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