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The world is on the verge of a big war, are the days of unrest coming?

Tel Aviv: Iran’s attempt to create conflict against Israel by raising indications that the world is moving towards a big war. Yesterday, Iran launched drone and missile attacks against Israel. After this, an Israeli commercial ship that was travelling in the deep sea today was captured by Iranian soldiers who arrived in a helicopter and brought to the Iranian sea border. 17 Indians were working on this ship.

Israel stated that the country is on high alert and is monitoring everything. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country’s defence systems had been deployed. Netanyahu responded that he is ready to face any attack. Israel has closed airports and schools amid fears of conflict. The United States has made it clear that it is committed to supporting Israel’s security. Israel called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to condemn Iran’s attack.

On April 1, an attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the Syrian capital, killed 13 people, including high-ranking Iranian military officers. Iran had earlier said that Israel was behind the attack and would retaliate. After this, Iran launched an attack on Israel.

Admiral Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Israeli army, announced that Iran shot down 200 drones. Iran’s position is that the attack is a punishment for the crimes committed by Israel. Iran has clarified this by pointing out the attack on the embassy in Damascus. Israel has refused to accept or deny responsibility for the attack that killed seven diplomats.

Iran has warned that if Israel makes another such move, the retaliation will be stronger. Iran also advised the United States to avoid interference. At the same time, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have condemned Iran’s attack. Iran’s aggression against Israel is unacceptable and strongly condemned.

The unexpected move has raised concerns about security in the region, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on ‘X’ social media that the world cannot afford another war. Guterres has also called for an immediate end to hostilities.

Will there be a war, some things the world should be afraid of..

The current development is not like the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. Of course, Israel is technologically ahead of its time. But Iran today is not old Iran. In the same way, don’t forget that Iran, which has experience of war with Iraq for many years, did not lose in that war.

Similarly, when some European countries, including Ireland, shed tears for the “secular Hamas” of the world, Hamas, Houthi, and Hezbollah groups will go to war against Israel. The Houthi-Saudi Arabian conflict is an ongoing armed conflict between the Saudi Arabian Royal Armed Forces and the Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi forces. The leaders of Hamas, who are currently running for fear of death, will spend all their financial resources for Iran. Because if Iran loses the war, it will be the end of Hamas. .! Therefore, there is no need to be surprised if Iran gets the financial support of Qatar or Turkey, directly or indirectly. Perhaps if Israel has the only option to fight back like crazy, Al Jazeera, and the many foreign channels that Qatar has invested in will start showing the world. As a result, not only will millions be sent to Iran and Palestine to unite and bring religion to jihad, but many Shia and Sunni extremists alike will go to war.

If Israel loses the war, there will be a major Islamic supremacy, so countries that we do not see or expect will have to come into play directly or indirectly in this war. But if China and Russia do not come to help (China is less likely to come, Russia is at war in Ukraine), the United States may destroy Iran with heavy bombing. And Iran if people who oppose Khomeini’s religious rule turn into a civil war. Like the Hijab struggle, we will have to fight both at home and abroad at the same time. If so, there will be regime change in Iran. It will come that Britain, who is good at dividing and ruling, will join America..!

But if America/Israel wins the war, there will be another problem. When the Jews kill their enemies mercilessly, the refugee flow will flow to countries like Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and New Zealand and Australia, which currently have no major problems, will become breeding grounds for riots. More Da’wah operatives may sneak into all European countries for covert warfare, as they are now sneaking into Europe from the Gulf. As refugees will not flow into India or China, those countries will not be directly affected by the war, but the war will affect hundreds of thousands of diaspora. Whoever wins this war will not agree to allow the world to live peacefully…

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