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Through extensive vaccination, Ireland will return to normal life: Prime Minister Micheál Martin

Prime Minister Micheál Martin has expressed hope that Ireland will return to normal, albeit temporarily, by next May or June with the widespread use of the Covid vaccine.

He added that a large segment of the population will be vaccinated during this period.

With the vaccination, there will be signs of a return to normalcy in the first half of 2021. Vaccination will be given by prioritizing the most vulnerable people in the country.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said he expects three Covid vaccines to reach Ireland for distribution in January. EU agreements with vaccine manufacturers will determine the speed of vaccine delivery.

The Pfizer vaccine, Modena and AstraZeneca vaccine vaccines will arrive in Ireland in the coming weeks. In this regard, the Prime Minister said that the Modena vaccine will be available for distribution in the country first and then the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to reach the country.

At the same time, with the release of the vaccine, health experts are concerned that people are not complying with the Covid regulations.

Micheál Martin said this will be a temporary return to normal. People should be vigilant about vaccination. He also added that the news regarding the arrival of the vaccine should not change people’s behavior or attitude.

The Prime Minister said that health professionals and the general public should be vigilant about vaccination and that only in May and June, a large section of the population can be vaccinated.

At the same time, the government is constantly evaluating the progress of Covid expansion. In the event of an increase in cases, the necessary decision will be taken regarding changes in the regulations and so on.

Martin said that people should not back down from the fight against the Covid epidemic and he believes that the nation can control Covid by strictly following the contact bans and vigilance instructions.

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