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Today is Halloween Day, the legendary Halloween Satan’s Day?

Today is Halloween Day, and last night in South Korea, more than 150 people died in a stampede during the Halloween celebration. (https://irishsamachar.com/south-korea-mourned-the-deaths-of-at-least-151-people-in-a-huge-halloween-party/)

Know about the Halloween celebration and its legend…

Halloween is known as the Day of the Spirits, and it is believed that on this day, the spirits of the dead visit people’s homes. For this reason, everyone is ready to accept them in scary roles. This holiday is observed on October 31 in Western countries.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 All Saints Day. “All Hallows’ Eve,” the day before All Saints’ Day, evolved into Halloween.

Halloween originated from the ancient Irish festival of Samhain. Halloween is known as Samhain in Ireland. It denotes the end of the summer. Halloween not only marks the end of summer in Ireland but also in other parts of Europe, particularly in northern latitudes.

Halloween figures are decorated in front of the houses. It is adorned with frightening figures such as skeletons, pumpkins, crows, and eight legs. Adults and children dress up as ghosts from English horror films.

At the same time, the Vatican is of the opinion that “Halloween” is tantamount to satanic worship and should therefore refrain from celebrating it. In 2014, the Vatican called for parents to steer children away from Halloween celebrations and instead encourage children to participate in “Halloween” celebrations, where they dress up as saints.

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