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Toll charges increased sharply; Motorways will cost passengers

Dublin: The increase in toll charges will make travel on Ireland’s national roads more expensive. Prices for petrol and diesel have already risen. Electricity rates are also high. In this context, it is estimated that the cost of vehicle owners will increase significantly.

After a six-month delay, the toll charges on nine out of ten national highways in the country have been hiked. There are signs that this rate will be raised again by the beginning of next year.

The toll rate increase is as follows:

The toll on the M50 rises from 30c to €3.50 for untagged vehicles and from 20c to €2.30 for those with tags.

Cars on the M1, M7, M8, N6, N25 in Waterford, and the Limerick Tunnel N18 will pay a toll ranging from €10c to €2.10.

Tolls on the M3 will rise from 10c to €1.60, while those on the M4 will rise from 20c to €3.20. The Dublin Port Tunnel, also known as the East Link or the Tom Clarke Bridge, will not see a toll increase. It is run by Dublin City Council.

Is there no end to toll collection?

The Automobile Association’s communications director, Paddy Comyn, has called for a review of the public-private partnership that underpins the various toll roads.

Toll increases in the name of better roads are unwelcome. The public has already paid ten thousand times over on roads like the M50. This can only be seen as overtaxing. So there should be a review of this. A decision should be taken to stop this increase, AA stated.

The government says there is no road without tolls; Inflation is also a reason.

According to Minister Sean Fleming, tolls are required by the government to keep national roads in good condition. This year, the government has done a lot to assist individual families, people, and workers with the cost of living. It is hoped that people will receive relief in the next budget as well.

The minister stated that, despite the fact that the toll roads were built many years ago, they need to be repaired.

According to Transport Infrastructure Ireland, toll increases are being caused by high inflation. Transport Infrastructure Ireland has indicated that there will be a second increase in toll rates early next year.

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