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Tony Holohan is set to resume his duties as chief medical officer from tomorrow

Dr. Tony Holohan, who took a temporary leave from the role of Acting Chief Medical Officer in July to deal with personal family circumstances, will return from tomorrow to the old position.

His wife Emer, has a form of blood cancer, was admitted to palliative care. He was deciding to spend time with his family and wife in such a situation.

Holohan had said that, he wants to give his full attention and time to his wife and their teenage children.

Since Dr. Holohan’s absence from July, Dr. Ronan Glynn has been serving as Chief Medical Officer.

As Tony Holohan prepares to return to his post, Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly thanked Glynn for his work.

On Twitter, Taoiseach thanked Glynn for his outstanding service, dedication and honesty over the past few months as acting Chief Medical Officer.

Donnelly said that Glynn played the hardest role in Ireland and did so fantastically. He thanked Ronan Glynn for his tireless efforts.

He added that the work of Tony Holohan and Ronan Glyn will be a great benefit for all of us as we face into the challenging winter.

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