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Transgenders are not a threat to anyone; states Leo Varadkar

Dublin: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says transgenders are not a threat to anyone. Such allegations, according to the Prime Minister, cannot be accepted. They are just like the rest of society. Varadkar was responding to a journalist’s question about whether transgender people are poisoning society.

Varadkar said that there is a need for discussion and debate about trans issues. Transgenders are a suffering minority. The Prime Minister said that they do not like to hear them talk as if they are a threat to children and others.

“Trans poses the same threats to society as gays and others. There are parents who have children who are trans girls and trans boys and they are worried about what is best for their children. Another issue is how to deal with transgender students who attend school. Because these are all new experiences for the students and the rest of the world. New to me too. ” We should not be afraid to discuss it. If we don’t talk about it, extremists will take control of the situation. “It will not be good,” the Prime Minister said.

The prime minister said that there should be sensitive opinions in this regard. The Prime Minister requested that they try to listen to each other and avoid disrespectful actions.

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