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Turkey – Syria Earthquake: Death toll nears 30,000; UN expects number to top 50,000

Aleppo/Ankara : The death toll from the powerful earthquakes in Syria and Turkey may exceed 50,000, the UN mission said.

Despite the cold weather, tens of thousands of local and international rescue workers have intensified their efforts. Millions of people are homeless and in need of help. In Turkey, 21,848 people died, and 3,553 people died in Syria. There have been a total of 25,401 confirmed deaths.

On Monday, there were two strong earthquakes. This was followed by several aftershocks. There have been reports of heartbreaking deaths and damage, as well as people emerging from the rubble hours later. 5.3 million people have been made homeless in Syria alone. Approximately 80,000 people are in hospitals, and over a million are in temporary shelters.

The earthquake was the largest in 100 years, according to UN aid chief Martin Griffiths. He stated that he understood that people in disaster areas were completely disappointed at the start of relief operations. “It’s difficult to say how many people are trapped beneath the rubble,” he said, “but I’m sure it’s double that or more.”

“We haven’t even begun to count the actual death toll, which could exceed 50,000.” He stated.

Authorities reported that 24,617 people were killed in Turkey and 3,574 in Syria. The total number of confirmed deaths is now 28,191.

The tragedy occurred as Erdogan was preparing for national elections in June. With inflation and rising living costs, the Turkish people are in complete despair.

After a 2003 earthquake in neighbouring Iran killed 31,000 people, Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria is considered the world’s seventh-deadliest natural disaster this century.

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