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UK approved Oxford Covid Vaccine

London: Covid vaccine, a joint venture between Oxford University and AstraZeneca, has been launched in the UK. Approved. Distribution is expected to begin soon. The government approved the recommendation of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

The UK is the first country to allow Oxford vaccine. Pfizer vaccine is available in the UK and the permission had already been granted.

The Oxford vaccine is also reported to be effective against a new variant that is spreading in the UK.

Clinical studies in the UK, Brazil and India have found that the vaccine is highly effective. UK With the approval, India is expected to approve the vaccine soon. The government has completed all the procedures for the distribution of the vaccine.

In the first trials, the estrogen vaccine showed an effectiveness of 70 percent, but later it was increased to 90 percent by dosage.

Britain had earlier approved Pfizer-Biontech’s Covid vaccine. It is already being made available to the public on a priority basis. The Pfizer vaccine was found to be 95 percent effective in trials. Another Covid vaccine, Modena, was found to be 94.5 percent effective.

The company claims that the asterosterone-oxidized vaccine has similar efficacy to these two vaccines.

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