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Ukraine has created a reconnaissance drone “Shark”

Ukraine’s military industry has shown a new drone that was built during the war to coordinate artillery firing on Russian forces. A Ukrainian weapons developer boasted that construction began immediately after Russia initiated its “Special Military Operation (SMO)” on February 24.

Despite Russia’s efforts to undermine Ukraine’s military industry and infrastructure, the drone has been built. This is compatible with Moscow’s objective of de-Nazifying and demilitarising Ukraine.

Ukrspecsystems, the firm that created the gadget, posted a photo on Twitter without naming the drone. It cited the SAHA Expo in Turkey from October 25 to 28, implying that the drone was unveiled there.

According to the business, it began designing and developing the UAV “after February 24, in conditions of a full-scale invasion of the RF [sic]” (Russian Federation). “Shark was already flying after less than a year.

The company underlined that the development phase included the entire process from idea to manufacturing. This indicates that the design phases took seven months to complete, from the initial concept through finalisation, component procurement amid congested supply chains, manufacturing, and fielding the prototype.

The drone is outfitted with an encrypted communication system, a spinning ‘Full HD’ nose camera/electro-optical system that can magnify the picture by 30x optical magnification and extra digital zoom, and other features. It is launched from a catapult rail, which draws back and releases the drone.

The maximum range of the gadget is 60 kilometres, with an endurance of more than two hours, a service ceiling of 2000 metres, and a wingspan of 1.91 metres. It has a top speed of 150 kilometres per hour.

The first such drone is expected to enter service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces this summer. According to a source on the prominent Ukrainian defence and military blog, Ukrainian Military Center, it was acquired from the corporation by a Ukrainian charity foundation founded by volunteer Serhiy Prytula.

According to the report, “The Armed Forces require different drones.” In a post on a Ukrainian Telegram channel, “after testing the new equipment in combat situations, a decision would be taken to give a batch of such drones to the troops,” though this remark could not be independently verified.

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