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“Unlock Your Future”: Secure Your 2024 Admission and Study in Ireland Today!

Dublin: Ireland renowned for its exceptional promise in higher education and employment prospects, has initiated admission processes for the academic intake of January and September 2024. Notably, last year saw an influx of over 7,000 Indian students choosing Ireland as their preferred destination for pursuing higher studies, and hundreds more are diligently preparing to embark on their academic journey in one of Europe’s most enticing countries.

What makes Ireland so beloved is…

It is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, a distinction reinforced by the Global Peace Index of 2022. The nation boasts world-class educational standards, a robust healthcare infrastructure, and a commitment to ensuring safe working conditions, positioning it as a prime destination for prospective students. Ireland has further earned its place on the global stage, securing the 18th spot in the World Economic Forum’s rankings.

Ireland is home to prestigious educational institutions, including the esteemed University of Dublin and University College Dublin, both of which have earned their places in respected rankings such as the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings.

Moreover, Ireland serves as a dynamic hub for scientific and engineering research and innovation. With a thriving presence of global institutions in information and communication technology (ICT), life sciences, and pharmaceuticals, students who choose Ireland as their academic haven will find themselves surrounded by abundant opportunities for academic and professional growth. Dublin, in particular, stands out as an attractive centre for global financial services, further adding to the appeal of this remarkable destination for students seeking a bright future.

Ireland’s immigration regulations offer a host of advantages to Indian students and those hailing from regions outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Under these laws, students are permitted to engage in part-time employment for up to 20 hours each week while actively pursuing their studies, and they can work full-time during academic breaks and holidays. This flexible approach allows students to balance their academic commitments with valuable work experience.

What’s even more enticing is that after graduation, these students have the opportunity to remain in Ireland for a duration of up to two years. This post-graduation period serves as a valuable window for seeking permanent employment opportunities, with over 1,000 multinational companies offering promising career prospects.

Despite the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, the Irish government has taken measures to alleviate labour restrictions, making it easier for international students to explore job opportunities during these challenging times. Additionally, the country has extended the duration of international student visas to accommodate the unique circumstances of the COVID era.

New Gen Courses,

Ireland offers a plethora of cutting-edge programmes and job opportunities for graduates, particularly in fields such as construction, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, finance, hospitality, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, data analysis, aviation engineering, software development, insurance, logistics, auctioneering, international financial engineering, and international financial services. Many universities and colleges further extend opportunities for scholarship-based studies, making Ireland a thriving hub for courses in emerging technology and various specialised fields.

Ireland with relief from Covid

Amid the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ireland has garnered international recognition for its commendable support to students, including those from India, who faced job losses during these trying times.

Main English Language Test

A notable requirement for prospective students eyeing Ireland as their study destination has been the English language test. Given that English is the primary language of instruction in Ireland, proficiency in the language is vital for admission to degree programs. Traditionally, a good score in the IELTS was a mandatory prerequisite. However, in a welcome move, the Irish government has permanently sanctioned the replacement of the IELTS with the Duolingo test for applicants seeking entry into higher education institutions in Ireland. This change has opened up new avenues for students.

The Irish government’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities for Indian students is further evident through its provision of more than 200 scholarships, which can be availed across over 5,000 courses in 34 higher education institutions. These scholarships are in addition to those offered by various colleges and universities. The chances of securing scholarships are notably higher when applying through reputable education consultants.

Study expenses, incidental expenses, submission of application

According to information provided by Education Ireland, the annual cost of living for a student in Ireland typically ranges from €7,000 to €12,000, in addition to tuition fees. To obtain a student visa for Ireland, applicants are typically required to demonstrate that they have adequate funds to cover living expenses for one year. This precautionary measure ensures that students will not face financial hardship even if immediate employment is not secured. Ireland, despite facing housing challenges in some cities, offers affordable accommodation options for those who make early efforts in securing housing.

It is worth noting that in the last two years, nearly all students who sought part-time employment in Ireland have successfully found job opportunities. Currently, an impressive 98% of Ireland’s working population is gainfully employed.

Leo O’Brien, the founder and consultant of the Leo O’Brien Group, a renowned education consulting firm, advises that the likelihood of visa rejection can be minimised by seeking admission through highly professional agencies. To further assist students from the Indian subcontinent, the Leo O’Brien Group has commenced operations in Kochi, facilitating access to expert guidance and support.

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