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Varadkar’s partner apologised: ‘It was inappropriate… I’m sorry’

London: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar’s partner, Dr. Matthew Barrett, has come under fire from the public, including designer Paul Costello, for his social media posts about his participation in the royal coronation ceremony of Prince Charles.

Paul Costelloe is Princess Diana’s former couturier.

The fashion designer accused Matthew of making a shameful post. He also accused the Irish people of embarrassing him. Last Saturday was King Charles III’s coronation ceremony.

Private Instagram posts become controversial; Leo varadkar’s partner apologises.

Dublin: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar’s partner, Dr. Matthew Barrett. Dr. Matthew apologised on Instagram. The apology came after severe criticism from various sources.

“It seems that there was a bad remark on his part, so he apologises unconditionally to everyone,” Dr. Barrett said on Twitter.

Varadkar intervened after the coronation of King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla, received a negative reaction from followers on Instagram, with some demanding an apology from the royal family. Varadkar acknowledged that his partner’s response was disrespectful and stated that he would not do it again.

Varadkar explained that Dr. Matt, his partner of more than seven years, is an independent person. They were very private messages sent to some friends from his personal Twitter account. He had no intention of making them public, but they did.

The posts also included a photograph of the prime minister’s car travelling through the mall in a VIP motorcade. Dr. is thought to have been crowned the King of England by accident. As described in Matthew’s post.

It was the first time that Ireland’s leaders had attended the ceremony since Daniel O’Connell was the Irish representative at the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. That ceremony was ‘posted’ on the partner’s social media post.

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