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Watch five videos and Revolut will pay you €11.50

DUBLIN: The popular banking app Revolut is now offering ‘free money’ to all users who are ready to watch five videos with nine short quizzes. Those signed up to the service can claim €11.50 for free by watching the skip-able minute long videos and responding the three-question quizzes.

The initiative is part of Revolut’s new ‘Learn and Earn’ education tool. These videos and short quizzes will educate users about digital currency and also gives them the opportunity to earn crypto rewards.

The money will be deposited into your account in the form of a cryptocurrency called DOT by Polkadot, but those who are not interested in digital finance can easily convert the money into euros.

However, Revolut advises users not to convert their earnings to euros immediately because cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease in value as time goes by.

To access the quizzes, sign into the Revolut app, enter the crypto tab and scroll down until you find the Learn section.

To earn money, you must first complete two courses: one on the basics of cryptocurrency (worth €4) and another on the Polkadot cryptocurrency (worth €7.50). Both courses can be completed in about 5 minutes using your smartphone.

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