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Weather Swings as Ireland Transitions from Sun to Snow…

Dublin: Met Éireann has issued warnings of a dramatic shift in Ireland’s weather, transitioning from sunny warmth to cold snowfall in the coming days. Forecasts indicate temperatures dipping below zero, with projections reaching as low as minus one.

This sudden change arrives amidst a period where many have been revelling in ‘summer’ conditions, marked by predominantly dry and hot weather since last weekend. However, typical of Ireland’s unpredictable climate, the forecast suggests a departure from these patterns, with the likelihood of multiple weather transitions within a single day.

Friday is anticipated to bring widespread rain across most areas, accompanied by intermittent bursts of sunshine. Maximum temperatures are forecasted to range from 9 to 12 degrees, with moderate north-easterly winds. As night falls, conditions will shift to clear skies interspersed with rain, possibly even snowfall, and cold northerly winds, with minimum temperatures hovering between -1 to 3 degrees.

Saturday is expected to be notably cooler, with a mixture of sun and widespread rain prevailing throughout the country. Moderate northeasterly winds are forecasted, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 12 degrees, dropping to lower levels, particularly in western regions, during the night, where dry, cool, and clear conditions will prevail, with minimum temperatures ranging from minus 1 to plus 2 degrees Celsius.

Looking ahead, Sunday may see further rainfall, particularly outside Atlantic regions, while the south and southeast parts of the country may experience dry weather. Temperatures are expected to range between 9 to 12 degrees, accompanied by moderate cold and a shift in winds from the north to the west.

These weather patterns are anticipated to persist into the early days of the following week, reflecting the characteristic variability of Ireland’s climate.

Hear the latest National Forecast for today and the next few days: https://x.com/MetEireann/status/1783737062203830767

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