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While the pandemic makes others hopeless, Moussa and team adapts to it

The pandemic caused Bensons founder Beni Moussa to ponder how to adapt the fashion and clothing industry to support communities. Cork clothing company Bensons Workwear diversified its product offering to manufacture hospital gowns for the health workers.

In 2012, Mr. Moussa set up Bensons Workwear in Midleton and soon established a brand identity across Ireland, France and the UK for all of his products. 

Mr. Moussa said “The minute we received approval from the HSE for our gowns and fabrics, we immediately halted production of our regular stock and instead focused all our efforts for the HSE.”

To achieve this aim, he purchased more fabric from an Irish supplier, materials such as cutting tables and sewing machines with the aid of a business expansion grant from Local Enterprise Office South Cork. Benson’s door was opened for a number of skilled workers.

“At the height of the pandemic, we worked day and night to accelerate our production to support frontline workers in every way we could.” Moussa is always proud to say that he has a wonderful team that supports his goal.

Mr. Moussa always had a passion for textiles. He had started out for being an experienced fashion designer at an early age. “Textiles is my passion and I am delighted I have had the opportunity to put my craft to good use,” he said.

Moussa and his team dreamed of developing the society and that ambition led them to become Ireland’s first manufacturer to receive CE certification.

When many feel hopeless by the pandemic, Moussa and team think it has made them focus on what they do best. This has helped us build a strong team that shares the same vision to teach the skill to all ages across Ireland and bring back the textile industry into this country,” he said.

It took time for all countries to understand the value of manufacturing the goods on their own rather than relying on others. Mr. Moussa has the same vision as it is essential that every country should be independent.

The company plans to export their homemade garments to the rest of Europe and the United States. The factory is rapidly expanding to a much larger space, too.

“In the future, I would like to see more clothing factories being set up in rural communities so that people don’t have to commute to bigger cities. Also I would like to see the skill being taught to the youth so that this trade will last and Ireland can be known for its textile industry once again.”

He believes it is possible to manufacture clothing competitively in Ireland, rather than rely on other countries. He also believes that Ireland is the right place to make this happen as the people’s attitude towards business is unique from other countries.

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