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Winter storm wreaks havoc in US; many died and millions were left without electricity

A city in North Carolina was devastated by winter storm. Many died and millions were left without electricity. Rescue operations are in full swing across the country. Many are being housed in shelters.

Strong winds lashed the southern plains and overwhelmed the power grids. Not only did the heavy snowfall and rain double the misery, but it also spread to New England and the Deep South. Alert warnings have been issued in Canada and Mexico since then. At least 14 deaths have been reported so far in the country. Car accidents and carbon monoxide inhalation are the leading causes of death.

Winter storms came as a shock to weather forecasters and the government. Most of the people were at home and the children were in schools, which affected the rescue efforts. The Emergency Services director, Ed Conrow, described the situation as very dangerous.

The worst situation was in Texas. It affected more than four million homes and businesses. More than 250,000 people have lost power in various parts of Appalachia, and another 20 million people have been left without power in north-west Oregon. Four million people have lost power in Mexico. At the same time, security operations have been intensified in various places. Thousands have been sheltered in various centers.

There is also a threat that the storm will adversely affect the country’s COVID vaccination efforts. The Joe Biden administration said this could lead to delays in vaccine exports and deliveries.

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