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Young Indian Residents of Cork Showcase Strength in the European Championship

Cork: Johnson Charles and Lijoy Divakaran showcased their athletic prowess at the 2023 Zell am See-Kaprun Spartan European Championship, Austria. The two Irish athletes participated in the gruelling Spartan Sprint and Super events, completing a challenging two-day competition.

Both of them finished the two-day competition with 8.5 km with 20 obstacles in sprint, 14.5 km with 25 obstacles in super, including a 23 km race, and 45 obstacles.

This race is held in 30 countries, including the United States, Australia, and Canada, and includes obstacles such as Atlas Stone Carry, Sand Bag, Rope Climbing, Monkey Bar, Twister, and Hercules Carry. If this fails, a one-kilometre loop run, 30 burpees, 50 kg chain carry, etc. penalty will be allowed to finish.

While it took almost 6 hours to climb 1039 metres (12km) in Ireland’s highest peak Carrauntoohill, the duo completed the 1417 metres (14.5km) elevation gain and 25 obstacles in Kapuran, a mountain-rich mountain range, in 4 hours and 12 minutes.

In an extraordinary display of dedication and perseverance, Cork residents Johnson Charles and Lijoy have achieved a remarkable feat, attributing their success to rigorous training and a disciplined diet regimen over the past year and a half.

Their journey to success was marked by unwavering support and expert guidance from Lijoy, a mechanical engineer and fitness trainer who played a pivotal role in helping Johnson Charles overcome the challenges posed by his age.

Prior to this outstanding accomplishment, the dynamic duo also conquered the 10km Cork City Marathon and took on the Red Bull Challenge Run earlier this year, showcasing their commitment to fitness and endurance.

Both Johnson and Lijoy, who boast careers as accountants and healthcare assistants, have become cherished figures in their Cork community, with the backing of their families serving as a driving force behind their adventurous pursuits.

This achievement serves as a powerful source of inspiration for the wider Irish populace, particularly for members of the Indian community working in the healthcare sector and all fitness enthusiasts. 

Looking forward to the upcoming year, Johnson Charles, and Lijoy, renowned for their extraordinary achievements, are gearing up for an even more daunting challenge: the Spartan Beast. This formidable race spans 21 kilometres and includes a staggering 45 obstacles, all at a breathtaking altitude of 3000 metres.

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