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Numerous job opportunities waiting for job seekers in Ireland after Brexit

DUBLIN: According to the jobs site Indeed, EU job seekers are looking for options in Ireland instead of the UK. Indeed points out that the UK is lagging behind in post-Brexit recovery. “With the UK’s migration policy pivoting post-Brexit, Ireland may stand to benefit.” an economist said.

Under the new immigration policy in the UK, it will be very difficult for EU citizens to get a work visa. This is what makes Ireland a favorite among job seekers. “Looking at the hoped-for recovery and jobs market post Covid, data shows job postings in Ireland are down less than the UK compared to a year ago. However, the faster pace of the UK vaccination programme may see its labour market recover quicker in the coming months,” Indeed explains.

Media, pharmacy and social sciences – high demand sectors

According to Indeed’s research, job seekers in EU countries are becoming more interested in Ireland-based roles. Media, pharmacy and social sciences are all high demand sectors. The number of people seeking employment in Ireland for media and communications in EU countries has increased by 3.4% over the previous year. At the same time, it was down 0.2% in the UK.

Inquiries into Ireland-based social science roles, including linguists, archivists and psychologists, also increased by 1.6%. Interest for roles in beauty and wellness, arts and entertainment, pharmacy, sales, sports, childcare, food preparation and service, and real estate also increased.

EU job seekers have maintained their attraction to Ireland despite declining interest in the UK. Indeed indicates that employers in Ireland are likely to receive greater stimulus after Brexit. Job postings on Indeed’s UK site have dropped 36% since February 2020, compared to 24% in Ireland.

Jack Kennedy, an economist at Indeed, says the Brexit effect is likely to last longer in the Irish labour market.

In addition, job opportunities will be stronger as businesses seek additional resources. The growing demand for health care workers will also open up opportunities for foreigners. The need for skilled IT staff will also increase.

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