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Ambiguity on government website regarding 1G visa

Frustrated, Immigrant Graduates Seek Clarification

DUBLIN: Doubts persist over whether a 1G visa will count towards citizenship after studying in Ireland. The Department of Justice officials announced on September 16 that the 1G visa period will be considered for five years of reckonable residence for graduates and skilled employees with an immigration stamp.

There are now roughly 20,000 1G visa holders in Ireland, with half of them being Indians.

The lack of clarification on the government website is confusing citizenship applicants. There is no specific information on whether the 1G visa would be included for citizenship computation.

The issue is that the website does not reflect decisions made by the government and the justice department regarding citizenship. People become confused as a result of this. Furthermore, it reaches hundreds of people via social media. According to experts in this profession, this leads to unnecessary interpretation and criticism.

Currently, it is not clear from the website whether the period of stay on a 1G visa is considered as the time prescribed for citizenship.

According to the website, coming here as a student and staying for two, three, or four years will not qualify you for citizenship. However, a representative for the Department of Justice confirmed on September 16 that this will be taken into account in the citizenship criterion for graduates and skilled workers with an immigration stamp. Simultaneously, the Citizen’s Information Guide specifies that time spent as a graduate cannot be counted.

Many people do not apply for citizenship since the website does not make this clear. People claim that the website lacks essential information and contains incorrect information. According to the website, asylum seekers and refugees are eligible for a travel document that allows them to travel to numerous European countries without a visa. It was not the right thing to do.

The website of the Department of Justice, likewise, does not provide a comprehensive explanation of the G1 conditions for graduates. According to the website, it is an educational visa that does not count toward citizenship. It further states that the 1 G granted to non-EU third-level students and English-language students does not count towards citizenship.

There are indications that the Department of Justice may issue a clarification order in the coming days. Until then, it is doubtful whether G1 visa holders will be included on the citizenship eligibility list.

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