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Aviva Makes Strategic Entrance into Ireland’s Health Insurance Sector

Dublin: Leading financial services provider Aviva has announced its acquisition of a 50% stake in Ireland’s health insurance sector, marking a significant development in the country’s healthcare landscape.

Currently, consumers in Ireland have three major domestic insurers to choose from: VHI, Laya, and Irish Life Health. With Aviva’s entry into the market, experts anticipate intensified competition and enhanced service offerings, promising benefits for consumers.

Aviva’s foray into the insurance market is anticipated by mid-year, pending regulatory approval from the Health Insurance Authority and the Central Bank. The venture will be spearheaded by former VHI executive Oliver Tatton, operating under the banner of Oliver Tatton Douglasdale, alongside former Aviva and Irish Life health executive Jim Dowdall and health entrepreneur Stephen Loughman.

Declan O’Rourke, CEO of Aviva Insurance Ireland, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s involvement in Ireland’s health insurance sector, emphasising Aviva’s expansion from finance into general, life, and health insurance.

While a trading name has yet to be finalised, O’Rourke stated that branding decisions, including whether to operate under the Aviva name, remain under consideration.

Oliver Tatton brings a wealth of experience to the venture, with a background in entrepreneurship and investment within the insurance and IT sectors. His past ventures include the founding of Vivas Health in 2004 and Glo Health in 2012, both of which underwent ownership changes and rebranding before ultimately merging into Irish Life Health.

Industry commentators view Aviva’s entry as a catalyst for rejuvenating the health insurance sector, offering new opportunities for consumers amidst rising costs. TotalHealthCover.IE lauds the influx of new companies into the market as a positive development for consumers seeking improved services.

Feargal McKenna, head of Moneycube website, sees Aviva’s entry as a strategic move to inject vitality into the health insurance sector, signalling potential benefits for all stakeholders involved.

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