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Signs of fuel rationing in Ireland amid fears of severe shortages

DUBLIN: The Taoiseach recently assured that there will be no fuel rationing in Ireland in the coming months, but there are indications that a cap may be placed on the amount of fuel that can be filled in a vehicle. This comes as drivers are being warned about the potential need for per-person fuel limits if the worst-case scenario occurs this winter.

According to the current plan, each driver could be limited to 15 to 20 litres per visit to the pump in order to avoid massive shortages.

Fuels for Ireland CEO Kevin McPartland said that the plans are intended to keep essential industries operating and healthcare settings heated.

Not just doctors and nurses, but also official vehicles, electricity workers, fire vehicles, garda vehicles, and ambulances, all require fuel. He said Ireland’s National Oil Reserves Agency has stock equating to approximately 85 days worth of oil.

Access to fuel for non-essential workers may be restricted. The government may also reinstate the work-from-home order.

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