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The government will send the refugees who arrived in Ireland back to the UK 

Dublin: Prime Minister Simon Harris has directed Justice Minister Helen McEntee to swiftly introduce legislation aimed at managing the influx of refugees crossing the Northern Ireland border. This move follows concerns that a significant portion of recent arrivals in Ireland, estimated at around 80%, have entered through Northern Ireland from the UK. Although the actual number remains below two thousand, the government is responding to mounting public opposition.

The UK’s impending implementation of the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act, which entails returning illegal immigrants to Rwanda, has prompted speculation that some individuals may opt to travel to Ireland instead. To address this, Prime Minister Harris has suggested amending existing legislation to facilitate the repatriation of illegal asylum seekers to the UK.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee is set to discuss Ireland’s repatriation policy with the British Home Secretary during her visit to London. Meanwhile, Downing Street has refuted claims linking the Rwandan policy to the refugee influx, emphasising its focus on border security. However, Deputy Prime Minister Micheal Martin has contested this stance, attributing the increase in refugee flows through Northern Ireland to the Rwandan policy.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended the Rwandan project, asserting its efficacy in deterring illegal immigration. He argued that preventing illegal entry into the UK serves as a deterrent for refugees considering alternative routes. While acknowledging delays in implementing the project, Sunak maintained its importance in securing the UK’s borders.

Criticism of Sunak’s remarks came from Aontu leader Peadar Toibin, who found Sunak’s portrayal of diverting migrants back to Ireland as a success to be alarming.

In response to Ireland’s allegations, Sunak maintained that the Rwandan project aims to safeguard the UK’s borders, rejecting claims of its influence on refugee flows to Ireland. Despite this, the British government expressed willingness to address Ireland’s concerns, signalling a potential avenue for dialogue between the two nations on immigration policies.

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